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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  August 19, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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not enough. less than 24 hours after a man was killedded by a hit-and-run driver a second sustained life threatening joins after a hit-and-run collision. paramedics responded on on >> i heard boom, and i saw the guy land and the car was stopped. he took off. >> people walking here because it is a shopping complex and they think they press the button so they can walk and people driving cannot see anyone. >> police would only say the victim was in serious condition. the driver fled the scene. the crash is a day after another man was hit and later kid at
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senter road and that drive has not been found. if anyone has information contact the san jose police department right now with information on the driver and the description of the car are limited. >> breaking news in petaluma where firefighters are battling small vegetation fires. the fires stretch from five to 40 acres. crews will have a better idea of how large the area is at day light. they are trying to determine if they are conducted to a plane reported missing but they have not found wreckage so far. >> happening now, an out-of-control wildfire is burning with 13,000 people evacuated and another 2,500 on stand by as crews try to beat back the flames. here is more from fresno.
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>> homeowners watched in awe as the flame jumped from tree tops to the roads and burned the buildings. one of the structures destroyed had to be burned because the crews feared the tamps would explode. the sheriff declared a "state of emergency," and calling on the state to fund the disaster. >> the fire is to the point where we are spending a lot of resources. >> 600 crews are working through the night to get a handle on the fire. they are preparing for a thousand more firefighters. >> as nightfalls we have the advantage because the temperatures are cooling. the humidity is up. the wind is dying. >> the cause of the fire is under investigation but it is clear the drought has fueled the flames. >> history is being written with
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the fire danger this california. another fire in the sierra forced evacuations burning 75 acres along interstate 80. the forest service say it contained quickly. a camp site was evacuated but re-opened last night. >> thousands have join add movement to rename the waldo tunnel in marin county to honor robin williams which was the signature rainbow is the gateway to marin county headed north oh won we. 4,000 have signed a petition to rename tunnel in honor of the lake act -- late actor. >> great idea. robin williams affected a lot of people's lives. >> that would be nice. a colorful guy. >> williams committed suicide eight days ago called marin
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home. with permission of the williams family a resolution would be introduced to honor the actor. >> santa clara city council will consider banning plastic shopping bags. this is a copy those in effect across the bay area including san francisco and san jose. retailers can no longer but grocery or other items in plastic bags. it would take apicket in december. a martial arts instructor faces child molestation charges in palo alto. this man put his arms around a 7-year-old employee -- 17-year-old employee and tried to kiss her. detectives say the victim pulled away until he released her. the two have known each other since she was 11.
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police do not know if there are other potential victims. >> it is only a drive. three police agencies will simulate how they would respond to an active shooter on the cal state east campus. officers from hayward, cal state all take part in the exercise at the housing area on the east bay campus. the drill is from 1:00 o'clock to 5:00 and another takes place on thursday. developing news from missouri. police in ferguson have made 31 arrests. two people were treated for gunshot wounds as violence erupted again. new to >> governor lifted the occur pew and ordered the national guard to protect the peaceful protesters but it got out of hand and two were shot.
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30 people were arrested. >> overnight the streets of ferguson, again, locked like a war zone. the missouri national guard assisting state and local police with little order. >> angry demonstrators threw molotov cocktails. police fired back. there were multiple arrests. >> i want protests in the daytime hours. make your voices heard. so you can be seen. where you not under cover and a violent agitator. >> the death of 18-year-old michael brown is heart of the unrest. an officer shot and killed the unarmed teen. preliminary autopsy results confirm prop was shot multiple times including twice in the head. >> at least six shots, could be more, but at least six. >> the medical examiner says
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when the officer opened fire the teen was championing forward or raising his hands to surrender. >> the muzzle was 1' or 2' away at discharge. >> police say brown approached the officer's car looking for a fight. >> it is our understanding in the investigation that in the police car this was a struggle over the officer's weapon. >> what happened in the moment when brown and the officer came nice to -- face to face is key whether the officer will be chargeed. >> there is absolutely in sign this city will return to normal. the start of the school year is delayed. this is a no-fly zone over the city. the national guard is not going anywhere. >> thank you. turning now to weather and we will check with meteorologist mike nicco.
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>> most of the measurable drizzle is above how -- including over the altamont pass including over the altamont pass about..0 ferry building to the financial district at 58 and same in richmond and san leandro and american canyon. 57 in petaluma. tracy to dublin and walnut creek and union city at 62. saratoga, too. drizzle through the morning. it could be an until 10:00 owe 11 o'clock at the coast. at anyone we have such any conditions and sunny inland and 62 to 72 is the spread.
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by 4:00 we are 62 at coast. 82 inland. in the evening, it will rebound from the coast and 60's an the bay the coast and 62 inland. >> walnut creek shows travel moving fine from pleasant hill up to highway 24, as we look w have construction at highway 13 to eastbound highway 24 we will have the construction crews preparing the roads until 6:00 this morning. westbound direction through the tunnel, no delays into oakland with clear conditions. accident-free in san jose along 101 and 280 and 65, everything looking clear. >> thank you. buying very first home is tough enough and a surprising community has a survey that shows the toughest to crack. >> act of heroism caught on
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camera, a daring rescue as a trucker who could not just drive by a fiery crash. >> more weather and traffic all morning and a new way to keep you updated. the new abc7 news now. keeps weather and traffic up throughout the entire break so throughout the entire break so you don't miss a
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>> covering walnut creek, burlingame, campbell, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. four bay area cities are at bottom ranking the best markets for first time home buying. richmond is at 300 according to the survey. personal finance website measured home prices, income level, crime rate and included oakland at 259 and vallejo at 283 and berkeley at
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282 and broke air arrow oklahoma was the best market for first time home buyers. governor brown will deliver the key note at the 18th annual lake tahoe summit and senator feinstein and nevada officials will gin in discussing the effect of climate change. over 17 years the summit has raised $2 billion to finance environmental restoring of the lake tahoe basin. experts say the projects have improved the water clarity which have been decreasing. a dramatic rescue caught on camera. a trucker in mississippi ribbed his -- risked his wife to pull a woman and his granddaughter from a fiery crash. they were trapped inside. the driver's camera captured this. >> i reached over and pulled the door open and i seen the little one-year-old girl in the back
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seat and it was smoky. i opened up the door and grabbed her and handed her to my codriver. >> the toddler was carried to the side of the road and another samaritan walked the woman to safety. first responders did not arrive for two minutes. the woman and child suffered only minor injuries. "good morning america" will have more on the story at 7:00. get ready to see the batkid on the big screen. >> filmmakers behind the batkid documentary exceeded the $100,000 goal to make the money and here is "batkid begins," the five-year-old miles scott battle with leukemia. officials are in shock over the amazing support, they have raised $105,000 already on a crowd had funding campaign beating their their goal $100,000 and goes to the batkid fund and home to launch in
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november, the anniversary of when san francisco, all of you, made his wish come true. >> i never had more excitement over a story than batkid. that was the biggest deal i have ever been part of. >> it touched everyone. >> everyone was excited and people from across the country. >> people love the positive stories. >> we have a little bit of good news for us for the ground but not great for the drought. >> more of a nuisance. we are not getting measurable rain. the winds are at 26 miles per hour and 10 miles per hour at oakland. the winds will set up this afternoon from 1:00 o'clock to 9:00 northwest at 15- to 25-miles per hour and along the northern part of san francisco bay and san pablo bay and into
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the delta community. the exploritorium camera, it is easier to see the top of the bay bridge this morning and the clouds are not hanging so low and from the golden gate bridge, this is no fog and through the only cop mute the fog is going to settle around 6:00 or 6:30 so the quicker you get there the ease are it is to get across with winds at 14 or 15 miles per hour. cooler-than-average temperatures today and more drizzle tonight and this is the last night of widespread drizzle as we modify the air mass and it is warmer and more dry for the weekend. the next couple of hours you can see the cloud cover is sevennive into the south bay headed to gilroy into the industrial valley. by noon, we will have a healthy cloud deck around the heart of the bay and around petaluma and the coast and between noon and
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two that will fade a little bit and we will have plenty of shoulders shooting through the gonna like yesterday. 60's at the coast and 70's at the bay and 80's inland and los gatos and morgan hill and gilroy you will get the 80's but most of the south bay mid-to-upper 70's. up the peninsula, mid-70's mostly and redwood city at 78 and millbrae is 72. low-to-mid 60's along the coast into downtown and south san francisco and sausalito make a run up to 68 and mid-70's to nearly 80 headed through the north bay and the mid-to-upper 70's along 101 and 80 at sonoma and the another bay shore low-to-mid 70's and warmer than yesterday by two or three degrees and well have low-to-mid 80's through most of the inland neighborhoods. >> the seven-day outlook show the next couple of days are the same, give or take a degree. slightly warmer weather open friday. leyla gulen?
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>> we are starting out good with ace and bart trains. in san jose, it is dark but you can see a couple of headlights northbound along 280 away from highway 17. san jose is action-free. we do have construction and this is where we have another project and they are going to have pockets of crews along 880 in the northbound direction from davis to broadway where you will find most of the slowing. you will find the stop-and-go traffic brake lights and as you continue to the maze it clears out. here is drive time traffic westbound address to dublin/pleasanton, 28 minutes and 14 minutes along highway 4 and southbound 101 through the waldo and through san francisco it is 17 minutes. >> microsoft is putting a hold on the latest windows' update.
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>> more broken windows for microsoft. they have pulled the august update after users recorded crashes in the blue screen and recommending to uninstall the update. >> situation in ferguson, missouri, is causing a market rally for a stun gun company jumping 19 percent in five days. investors speculate that roasts -- that the protests could boost demand for boat cameras. >> facebook is testing a new feature that warns you away from satire stories. and looking to soothe nervous owners who shelled out six figures for the sports car? a teen bay champ who knows
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his place in the world and about every other place you can think of. >> close encounters, a photographer got too close where a america city subway rat. >> a new way to keep you in the know, the new abc7 now with live know, the new abc7 now with live cams
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>> starbucks is making it easy to get the morning coffee by going straight to the customers with food trucks rolled out at three college campuses. not in california yet. they will offer a menu identical to that offered in the coffee shops. >> inside look at what it is like to feed google's army of workers with the former executive head chef saying in 2008 they were going through 40,000 meal as day and $1
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million worth of chicken, just chick were, a month. it came to $20 per employee a day for food or $80 million together a year. that was six years ago. the costs are higher today. most offer free food tom employees including twitter and facebook and not to make you ill but that executive chef, he made out with the i.p.o. but the predecessor made out with $26 million as a head chef. >> pretty good. what do you have catching for -- have cooking for the game? >> hotdogs. >> all you can drink coffee? and hot water? >> great i will be going to the bathroom every five minutes. >> good morning, everyone, mets here for two game series and we need to desperately need to beat someone after being swept by
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atlanta. dropping at end of game to 61. most of the stores say points east at las vegas or salt lake city. mid-90's in sacramento and 81 in los angeles and 101 in palm springs and chance of thunderstorms at yosemite. 77 in lake tahoe. >> whole new meaning to "bringing home the bacon," $26 million. the san mateo bridge has moisture issue with the commute. it does not appear to be causing slick conditions as you cross the bridge from hayward to foster city traffic is nice. we have a project until 8:00 this morning eastbound 580 against traffic and you will find it as we take a closer look at the drive from address at -- from tracy at 13 miles per hour
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but it publics up as it members with 580. >> photographer may want to ask permission before snapping pictures of wildlife. a was was videotaped at the subway station and the we rat pounds on the photographer. the photographer escaped. the rat lives in the subway and the transit authority hopes to reduce the numbers with bait that makes female rats infertile. >> sharknado and now rat hurricane, or rat quake? >> south bay teen knows his place in the world and every other place. he was flying to the bay area from international geography championship in poland and it was announced he was the world
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champion. >> i reread it and i reread it and finally it sunk in and i shocked and happy...and i am still processing it. >> james is a senior at high school in cupertino. there were 144 of the best geography students in the world. yale was the only student to finish in the top ten in all three events of the competition. president obama concluded the news conference yesterday with a tribute to ann compton who is about to retire. >> i want to say, publicly, ann, we will miss you and we are very proud of the extraordinary career and work you have done and we hope you are not a stranger. >> than you very much. [ applause ] >> she thanked the president, she will retire next month
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ending a 41 year run with abc joining in 1973 and the first woman to cover the white house full time for network news. she has reported on every president since gerald ford. >> we are following breaking news in the north bay where firefighters are trying to not down several small fires that could be linked to the search for a missing small pilot. >> it's a date, governor brown and neel kashkari will meet for their first and only debate. >> check out this pictures of the golden gate bridge and look what else. >> live traffic and weather.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good tuesday morning at 5:00. thanks pore -- for starting this morning with us. >> big change from hawaii, i am sure you miss the blue sunny skies early in the morning but now we have low clouds. >> we have clouds. good morning, everyone, no wide-spread rain but most of us have to use the windshield wipers once or twice. that is how widespread the drizzle is. for the afternoon, we will get rid of the clouds in the same timeframe as yesterday and mostly sunny around the bay and in the afternoon at 70 to 78 headed into the south bay. inland we have sunshine by noon in the north bay and


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